Recorder Home Page. This site, compiled by Nicholas Lander, has to be the biggest, most informative and useful recorder site on the web. It is absolutely packed with useful information. A must for anyone interested in any aspect of the recorder.

  Galpin Society. The home page of the Galpin Society, where you will find useful information of all aspects of the history, construction and development of musical instruments (including recorders!).

  CIMCIM. The international committee of musical instrument museums and collections. This web site has useful links to many museums and collections of recorders around the world.

  Edinburgh University Collection of Historical Musical Instruments. One of the UK’s foremost collections of historical musical instruments. Plans are available for several recorders.

  Bate Collection. Another premier UK collection of historical musical instruments. Several plans for recorders are available, including their famous Bressan alto.

  Hand Tools for Making Recorders. This is an article I wrote for Nicholas Lander’s Recorder Home Page (see above), covering reamers, windway cutters, etc.

  Which Recorder? A short guide by John Everingham on selecting and caring for a new recorder.

  Clive Catterall Flutes. Clive is a friend of mine who has just started up making Baroque flutes. Clive is a talented engineer who has come up with many useful designs for gadgets and accessories to aid making woodwind instruments by hand.

  Saunders Recorders. This is an independent specialist recorder dealer in Bristol, UK, run by John Everingham. Saunders Recorders has been dealing with recorders and recorder music for almost a quarter of a century. Well worth a visit.

  Musical Instrument Makers Forum. An interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument construction, design and repair. The site welcomes builders of all instruments at any skill level from expert to beginners.

  Period Flutes. Jobst Harders’ web site on period flutes. Jobst is based in Holland and is a maker and player of fine looking historical flutes. His web site is nicely put together with translated pages for English, Dutch and German speaking visitors.

  TablEdit. Keith Saturn’s musical tablature site. Of particular interest is theinstrument builder’s links page. This contains lots of useful links to other instrument makers around the world.

  Earlymusichicago. This is a great early music web site with lots of useful links to the recorder world and other early music sites. A well designed and easily navigated site.

  ezFolk. Richard Hefner’s instructional site for banjo (bluegrass & clawhammer) and folk guitar. The site is very well presented and includes some interesting woodwind and recorder information as well as banjo and guitar stuff. Over 300 pages of tablature, tutorials, and more to make your learning experience an enjoyable one.

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