While many regard Skype call recorders capability as the kind of thing that’s nice to have—it’s great to be able to refer directly to a customer’s own voice in terms of establishing the truth about a confused order or the like—some regard Skype call recording as only something nice to have. But the practice of compliance call recording for Skype is the kind of thing that provides critical protection for businesses, thanks to a handful of simple points.

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What’s the point to make call recording on Skype

One example of call recording for Skype going from “nice to have” to “vital protection” is any business subject to the terms of the Truth in Lending Act. According to the terms of that act, there are certain points that must be noted during any Skype call to a customer, including the total of the payments, the amount financed, any finance charges involved, a complete schedule of payments and the annual percentage rate. Failure to discuss any of that can result in some substantial fines, and too many such fines can result in a shuttered operation. Having recording systems on hand and performing regular monitoring not only helps ensure that agents are saying what must by law be said, but also serve as emergency protection should regulators come around, as proof positive that what must be said was said.

Further, the Skype Telemarketing Sales Rule requires telemarketers to include specific mention of a toll-free number to call to opt out of sales calls on Skype, as well as a provision to tell absolute truth at all times. Here, Skype call recording comes in especially handy to prove that which must be said is said, and conversely, that which must not be said is not.

But that’s not the end of where laws get involved with business, and where Skype call recorders systems can help protect against allegations of violations of these laws. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, for example, requires credit card numbers to be hidden from unauthorized staff members. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act forces debt collectors to clearly identify as debt collectors, and must inform callers of the right to dispute the debt. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act requires a set of standards to secure customer information, and the Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act requires a host of protection measures against any unauthorized access of information.

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Don’t break the law

The best place to begin, of course, is with an attorney, who can provide further information on just which laws are applicable in which setting and which are not. Not all laws apply to all businesses, so knowing which may pose an issue is knowledge worth having. If there are laws that apply, then having the kind of protection that can be afforded by TalkHelper’s Skype call recording systems is not just a luxury, it can save a business from extinction; that and when someone says that an agent didn’t say something that should have been said, it’s great to be able to pull out and play the Skype recording that proves the accuser quite wrong.

Skype Call recording isn’t just about promoting great customer service, and spotting errors. It’s also about protection, and in this day and age, having the kind of protection that call recording over Skype can provide just might ultimately save a business.

Skype Call Recording is important for customer service

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Creating a quality customer experience is increasingly important for businesses of all types. With the rise of the Internet, consumers are now more informed and more in charge than ever before. To capture sales in this environment, developing a good customer experience is a key consideration, and Skype call recording plays an important role.

Listening to the customer is perhaps the most important component of any customer experience focus. If customer experience is about the customer, the best way to deliver a quality experience is by listening to what the customer is telling you on a Skype call.

That process is immeasurably aided by Skype call recording. That’s because the contact center is the front line for interacting with customers on Skype, and therein the most important way to hear what the customer has to say.

For a long time this direct interaction is been more or less wasted, as feedback is given to agents but there is no good mechanism for passing it along to management or aggregating it into actionable behavior. But with the advent of advanced speech analytics, it now is possible to record all Skype calls and then mine them for data that can be used to drive a good customer experience.


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